Member blog: Digital Business Transformation

Natasha Morris, Director, Publicis Media

Today, the path towards transformation is led by technology, so how can implement technology in a way that is to the benefit of talent through learning and development? Natasha Morris at Publicis Media shares how the Global Learning Strategy team are using technology to invest in talent and fuel transformation of the business.

Make space

Creating an online space was the most effective way to foster curiosity amongst our company. We span across numerous countries and time zones, so making a place to for people to come together where everyone could access it was important.

We created the Publicis Learning platform to educate teams on the ever evolving media landscape in the most efficient and effective way. The platform hosts bite sized micro online learning courses that introduce concepts and topics to the end user in a modular way. There’s even a localisation manager working with international teams to ensure content is translated and localised for their markets.

This has meant that everyone has access to expert content and an understanding of complex media theory wherever they are in the world at a time that suits them.

Use different mediums

We have advertising experience ranging from decades of active service through to school leavers who join the business, so it is important to suit learners who are used to learning in different ways.

The content is built to appeal to everyone: there are interactive elements where users must manipulate the content, voice overs and navigation panes to help visual, print and aural users and gamification to help build and reinforce topic areas.

Lectures and the classroom are still important but think about the different ways in which you can learn. If you always run a PowerPoint presentation, then maybe every ten minutes have audience interaction or a pop quiz.

Empower your teams

Learning shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of one team within your organisation. The business needs to foster curiosity and empower people to take control of their learning. We talk a lot within Publicis Media about being cross-skilled, so we encourage everyone to actively participate and control their progression.

At each stage in an employee’s career, we have created special extended courses to help grow employees to the next step up. It’s important to recognise your future leaders aren’t in the board room, they could be on the grad scheme or taking their first step into managing a team! So make time to learn for everyone in your organisation.

If we are truly going to transform as an industry, a huge part of that needs to come from within your organisation. The people are the ones who are going to ensure you achieve the vision you want over the next few years, so take some time to think about their progression too!


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