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IAB Report: Global Mobile Advertising Revenue 2012

IAB Europe, the U.S. IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, and IHS revealed during a webinar their global figures for mobile advertising revenue. The figures highlight a strong positive growth story taking place across mobile advertising formats. Revenues leaped a massive 82.8% from €3.769bn in 2011 to €6.889bn in 2012. With growth rates of 88.8% in search, 87.3% in display and 40.2% in messaging at a global level, ad spend in these formats reflects bullish growth in the sector.

Key findings:

  • Mobile advertising revenues leaped a massive 82.8% from €3.769bn in 2011 to €6.889bn ($8.852bn) in 2012
  • Driven by both established and emerging markets, mobile advertising revenue continues to be dominated by the search segment, which represented 52.8% of total global mobile advertising revenue
  • The share by region of the global figure of $5.3 billion (€3.8 billion) for 2012 is: Western Europe 16.9%; Central Europe 1.3%; North America 39.8%; Latin America 0.6%; Asia-Pacific 40.2%; Middle East & Africa 1.2%.

You can watch the webinar recording here

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