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IAB Europe champions industry best practice and self-regulatory tools to increase transparency and choice for web users and is thus committed to take measures to address reasons for which users turn to ad blockers. This includes work on improving the user experience in such fora as the Coalition of Betters Ads as well as efforts at national and regional level to work with other ecosystem stakeholders on practical ways to meet consumer expectations and communicate on the value exchange made possible by online advertising.

The IAB Europe Ad Blocking Task Force (ABTF) aims to contribute to reducing EU institutional, national government, media and influencer support for ad blocker use by positioning the online advertising industry as cognisant of the causes of ad blocking and committed to addressing those causes, and by raising awareness of the potential medium- to longer- term costs for publishers, consumers and ultimately society of pervasive ad blocking.

Ad Blocking Task Force leadership:
Chair: IAB UK and IAB France

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