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Fraud has taken an undeniable toll on the digital media industry, costing billions of dollars in wasted advertising budgets. Even relatively...
7 December 2016
comScore and Kellogg and Krux: Combating Fraud to Drive ROI
An ad must have the opportunity to be seen in order to have the opportunity to make an impact, which makes viewability a critical component ...
30 November 2016
comScore: Campaign Viewability Optimisation
In today’s digital world, interaction and engagement with advertising is key to marketers, consumers however are becoming more selective a...
24 November 2016
Publicitas, Kantar Millward Brown and Honor: The Format Effect Series – The Influence of ...
Knowing the impact of advertising on consumers’ behaviour – and being able to demonstrate this – is critically important when evaluati...
23 November 2016
comScore and News UK: The Impact of Advertising on Audience Behaviour
In today’s constantly-growing digital space, effective inventory monetization can be a substantial challenge for digital publishers. While...
16 November 2016
comScore and Hearst: Activating inventory to unlock revenue
Challenge and Solution: Target all inclusive and AB+ Families Design and deliver a Skinz campaign the most impactful and non intrusive Skinz...
17 October 2016
Sublime Skinz and
Challenge: Position Paco Rabanne Brand within the consumer spirit and develop both branding and image for the Lady Million perfume. Design a...
17 October 2016
Sublime Skinz and Paco Rabanne: Lady Million
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17 October 2016
Sublime Skinz and Moat: Viewability metrics – US Campaigns
As part of a Boston Consulting Group study, Toyota worked with ZenithOptimedia, Performics and Vivaki, to test how using advanced targeting ...
27 April 2016
Google: Toyota sees great results with advanced targeting techniques
In this case study, ŠKODA builds a more relevant and engaging online customer experience with targeted creative, achieving a 53% increase i...
27 April 2016
Google: Programmatic allows ŠKODA to build more relevant and targeted creative
Challenges The basic thing an advertiser wants to know is, if someone has seen their ad and if that person will buy their product. In the f...
19 April 2016
Meetrics White Paper: Increasing the impact of online advertising with ad attention solutions
Live Nation, the world’s largest live entertainment com- pany. Though Live Nation now uses Atlas to promote and analyze sales for all of i...
21 March 2016
Live Nation: Measuring the impact of mobile advertising

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